"We are sorry to announce that "ALL" programs for 

March and April are cancelled."


"Note for those reading Revelation."

Remember the book of Revelation is A REVELATION.

It is an unveiling, a clearer picture than we previously had of Jesus Christ.

It teaches us about Who He is, and about what is important to Him.

It reveals His Mighty Power over the enemy and His great love for His Bride, the Church.


Revelation is the only book of the bible that specifically promises that those who read it will be Blessed. -  "see Rev. 1: 3"

As you read, do not get caught up in the parts you don't understand, but focus on it's undeniable Truth: Jesus is the Son of God; He is Worthy of all Glory and Honour and Praise; He loves you; one day He will return to earth; and everyone who believes on Him will live forever with Him in a place where there is no more sickness, or sadness.

Be encouraged, and stand strong in your faith, no matter what comes your way. 

Enjoy God's love for you everyday and look forward to the day when you will live with God in Eternity.

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